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Cockpit aims to pilot live coverage

The LSM Cockpit is being showcased on the EVS stand, aimed at live production. It consists of LSM Connect, MultiReview and Epsio products, in a single, cohesive environment. EVS claimed this family of products lets operators manage live productions with a new version of its server software engine, called Multicam.

It allows for even more in-live capabilities, including two 6x SuperMotion camera ingest and output. EVS said this update gives broadcasters the ability to generate more compelling, emotional content. It also means two LSM operators can work side by side to increase efficiency and flexibility.

With its latest Epsio FX Reveal mode, operators can enrich live replays through the addition of synchronised data to create scoreboards and biometric graphic displays. Epsio FX Reveal integrates into any LSM live environment.