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Carrier ID masterclasses on offer

A daily series of masterclasses being held at IBC by the Satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG) has as its core subject Carrier ID (CID).

As of 3 September this year a Federal Communications Commission Regulatory Deadline was able to enforce a ruling requiring broadcasters to include CID in all video transmissions within the USA. This ensures satellite operators can quickly identify the source of any problem transmissions and lessen the disruption caused.

IRG said it recognised the difficulty of preparing for the regulatory deadline and aims to provide clarification and support to broadcasters during its CID Masterclass. The aims of the masterclass are to outline the importance of adopting Carrier ID for video transmissions and to clarify what exactly the FCC Regulation requires of broadcasters.

Other subjects included in the masterclass programme are mitigation technology tools and products, using machine learning techniques, and more.

The IRG works to reduce satellite frequency interference. It comprises a task force covering topics such as Carrier ID, ASI, geolocation, and intentional and VSAT interference.