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‘Bots extend operating range

Proprietary linear axes for Camerobot Systems’ high speed camera robots are being showcased at IBC. This extends operating range to new levels and opens up the business’ camera systems to novel applications, the company said.

As advertisers, directors and cameramen are increasingly making use of slow motion and time-lapse photography in commercials, action movies and sports broadcasts, and high speed recording techniques are delighting viewers, robot-controlled cameras have been limited to tabletop shoots focusing on smaller subjects due to the reach of the robot.

However, Peter Pühringer, division manager at Camerobot Systems, said that with the introduction of the linear axes, the company was able to meet the demand expressed by purchasers of its high speed robots for significantly enhanced operating ranges.

“Traverse rails are now available in virtually any desired length and allow the use of our camera systems in all kinds of productions, whether in a studio setting, in automobile commercials or in outdoor filming,” he added.

The linear rail has been integrated as a fully synchronised supplementary axis into the Camerobot Motion Control software which has now been extended by several new features. All functions and all possible positions of the camera can be used without any restriction.

In practice, this means that the programmed settings are repeatable in exactly the same configuration for as many times as the operator wishes. The control of the robot in high speed moves can be made as before by means of the optional Target Tracking software which automatically enables the camera to track the subject.

“Users are impressed by how easy the axes are to assemble, dismantle and transport,” added Pühringer.