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Blackmagic Design: Goldcrest Post expands with DaVinci

London’s Goldcrest Post has continued its expansion with the addition of three new DI grading suites featuring Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve 11.

“This new post production infrastructure demonstrates our commitment to entering the UK picture post arena,” said Goldcrest Post managing director, Patrick Malone. The company’s colourists roster includes Adam Glasman, Rob Pizzey and Lee Clappison.

The DaVinci Resolve workflow for Goldcrest’s main DI suites relies on multiple 4GPU Linux DaVinci Resolves for editing and grading, and also includes multiple 1 GPU Linux and Mac Resolves for preparation and lab work. Goldcrest’s two main DI suites feature a 10 metre throw with 6.5 metre screens and Barco projectors. All DaVinci Resolve workstations are connected to a half Petabyte SAN media storage system for playback and realtime grading for multiple 4K streams.

Blackmagic reseller Jigsaw24 proposed the highest specification DaVinci Resolve servers to run the grading and online suites, all on Linux. “This ensured a uniformity across the creative suites, providing easier support and interoperability in the facility,” said Jigsaw’s Jamie Allan. “The grading and online systems were all built identically, so online playback could be achieved in realtime, without the need for rendering from a grade. All of the systems are powered by Nvidia Titan GPU processing cards.”

Added Goldcrest Post’s chief technology director, Laurent Treherne, who oversaw the upgrade: “Using DaVinci Resolve throughout our editorial pipeline has given us a more efficient and flexible workflow because we are using a centralised database. DI, online editing and conform can now be done using the same project files without the need to render any files or translate and check XML data.”