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IBC’s Big Screen big star

IBC Keynotes do not come more celebrated than Douglas Trumbull, a legend in the industry who will present his latest cinematic vision of the future and latest work, UFOTOG. Trumbell has again cranked up the stakes by ‘filming’ in 120 fps, calling for full brightness laser 3D and, of course, Dolby Atmos for its immersive sound.

Trumbull is the Academy Award winner and five-time nominee, whose visual effects credits include 2001: A Space Odyssey, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and Blade Runner. He is also a writer and director (Silent Running, Brainstorm, Back to the Future – The Ride) and is adept at integrating directorial and storytelling aspects to immersive cinema language.

Forever pushing the technical boundaries of artistic immersion, he developed the Showscan process for 60 fps 70 mm cinematography which delivered imagery onto the cinema screen that was said to be indistinguishable from reality. Now firmly in the digital era, Trumbull’s current vision is manifested in his new process, MAGI, which explores a new cinematic language that invites the audience to experience a powerful sense of immersion and impact that is simply not possible using conventional 24 fps or 2D cinema technology.

This is a must-attend keynote for those needing to keep an eye and ear on the next generation quality of electronic entertainment — both big screen and small. We will hear from Trumbull’s five decades of pioneering work in disrupting the status quo of the film industry; how advances in technology unlock new artistry; and how commercial realities can be navigated as we consider the future of the medium.

We will also be making full use of the IBC Big Screen’s full brightness 6-primary laser projection system from Christie Digital and 40+ speaker QSC sound system featuring Dolby Atmos by showcasing in 120 fps 14 fL Dolby 3D, Trumbull’s short sci-fi adventure, UFOTOG, which is a fully dramatic story that explores this new medium as a creative palette.