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AZilPix virtual camera system launched

AZilPix Studio.One, a new virtual camera system for live video capture and streaming, is being showcased by Axon, which is a founding partner of AZilPix.

Developed by a team of academics in Belgium, Studio.One employs cost-effective, ultra-high-resolution cameras with wide angle and/or fisheye lenses to capture every aspect of a live event from multiple angles.

With just two to three cameras, up to nine virtual cameras can be created.

The system is designed to integrate into a traditional or IP broadcast environment and blend seamlessly with virtual reality video production, making it useful for remote internet or broadcast live productions.

Axon has created an interface for Studio.One that allows the system’s cameras to link to its Cerebrum control and monitoring software. Axon is also assisting with sales and marketing for the broadcast market.

Studio.One consists of three components: camera, capture server and processing software. The server ingests the raw, wide angle video

data from the cameras and allows recording and live processing of this data into one or more rectilinear views and a mosaic view.