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Aveco: Cloud-based automation to benefit TV news

Broadcast automation specialist Aveco is highlighting its studio, news production and master control offerings at IBC, including support for cloud-based automation.

“The ability to have an automation system that is not tied to physical locations provides media organisations with a great number of options to optimise their operations,” said Aveco managing director Pavel Potuzak (pictured).

“It also facilitates growth and integrating the latest technology, as we support any combination of cloud, integrated, and rack solutions so as you upgrade your technology, you can move from a rack of equipment to integrated ‘in-a-box’ solutions, or to a cloud architecture over time.”

Aveco cloud-based multichannel playout uses a client/server networked approach to allow for regional ad insertion, regional newscasts, central casting and other distributed models such as ingest and playout from different locations.

Also at IBC is Aveco’s ASTRA, a system for TV news that combines Master Control and Production Control in a single tool, running on the same hardware and connecting to both NRCS and traffic systems.
Potuzak said: “We combine our PCR and MCR automation systems into one so that cues between both are automated and tighter, media management is smoother, the on-air look is better, you can do remote news production along with MCR centralcasting, and handle both news and advertising. There is less hardware, less staff, and huge cost savings.”

Aveco’s Redwood Studio News Studio-in-a-Box, which supports both local and cloud-based playout, is also on show. Designed for regional news bureaus, it can also be used in multi-studio complexes alongside traditionally equipped larger studios.