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Audio repair and enhancement

The latest advances in iZotope’s audio repair and enhancement toolkit are being showcased.

RX can transform flawed audio into pristine, usable material by removing noises, distortions, reverb, and other common audio problems. For anyone in audio post production, broadcast, dialogue editing and mixing, independent filmmaking, or music production, RX can make poorly recorded audio intelligible and ready for primetime, said iZotope.

IBC attendees can also view and experience RX Loudness Control on stand. This offline plug-in efficiently analyses and renders a mix for loudness compliance in faster than realtime, while transparently preserving the dynamics of the mix.

Audio or video post production professionals working for broadcast can now access intelligent, automatic loudness compliance with just two clicks: one click to analyse audio, and one click to comply.

The plug-in encompasses extensive presets for the latest and most significant loudness standards—including BS.1770-1-3, EBU R128 s1, and ATSC A/85.