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Anti-jam sat set for 26° East

Discussing with IBC visitors the opportunities afforded by the planned expansion of its satellite fleet, Es’hailSat, the Qatar satellite company, is showcasing Es’hail-1. Currently transmitting premium DTH television content from the 25.5°/26° East neighbourhood for leading channels such as Al Jazeera and beIN Sports. Es’hail-2, the company’s second satellite, is scheduled for launch soon.

In addition to providing transmission and expansion opportunities for established news and sports channels, Es’hailSat says a growing number of new Arabic channels are choosing it to launch in the MENA region. Qatari cultural channel Qatar TV and Al Kaas Sport Channel both recently launched their channels on Es’hail-1.

Es’hailSat said it was pushing ahead with plans to expand its satellite fleet. Es’hail-2, a satellite with anti-jamming capabilities, will be positioned at the 26° East hotspot position for TV broadcasting, enabling the company to provide DTH television across the Middle East and North Africa. Beyond this, discussions are already ongoing with customers and stakeholders to define the requirements for Es’hail-3 and Es’hail-4.

Ali Al Kuwari, president and chief executive officer of Es’hailSat, said: “We have had tremendous growth since our commercial launch in 2013 with utilisation rate of Es’hail-1 at higher than the industry average. IBC gives us the right platform to engage with customers and partners, and showcase our capabilities and future plans.”