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Agama Technologies :Identify, pinpoint, prioritise, resolve,

Showcasing the upcoming Version 4.7 of the company’s DTV Monitoring Solution, Agama Technologies says that enhancements have been made across its complete product suite which is said to include powerful head-end and network probes, as well as embedded monitoring for STBs, gateways and media players.

Top-level end-to-end views in the central management systems make it possible to follow the QoE and QoS for services all the way from creation in the head-end to consumption for each individual viewer, as well as for groups of viewers. This, according to Agama, allows operators to quickly identify, pinpoint, prioritise, resolve and prevent disturbances affecting the customers’ experience, satisfaction and loyalty.

When operators integrate the Agama solution into their operational processes, the company believes that it naturally becomes a cornerstone in ensuring technical transparency, customer understanding and operational efficiency, making efficient management and high accessibility of the Agama solution itself crucial. In version 4.7, Agama is releasing what it describes as an enhanced replication and redundancy mechanism in the Enterprise Server EX, which among others supports faster data replication. Should a server fail in a redundant cluster, this improvement is claimed to shorten the time it takes to bring a new server into the cluster.

Other new features and improvements in version 4.7 include support for saving Analyzer recordings in PCAP format for offline analysis in tools such as Wireshark, and support for 3GPP VOD using Helix streaming servers in the Active RTSP Analyzer add-on for proactive monitoring of RTSP on-demand services.