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Acting on insights in video delivery

Big data alone is not enough to reach higher operational efficiency and better customer understanding. You need actionable insights and now’s the time to act says Mikael Dahlgren, CEO, Agama Technologies

Today’s sophisticated video delivery and service monitoring solutions, especially those covering customer viewing devices – be it traditional TV sets or mobile devices – generate vast amounts of data. Millions of devices are continuously and concurrently reporting a massive set of parameters 24/7.

While difficult to make sense of, this data can create a lot of valuable insights for TV operators. These insights can become the cornerstone for developing an attractive and growing service, while also providing significant bottom-line savings.

To achieve this, you need to be able to extract the actionable insights of weight by discovering and understanding patterns that often come in the shape of complex, non-obvious relations within the wealth of data and not get stuck in the sheer mass of it.

Two main approaches are available: the generalised analytics project approach, which is flexible but lengthy; and, the mission-focused analytics approach, where domain-specific understanding is incorporated within ready-made applications that can deliver almost instant value in select areas.

In the ever-evolving and fast-moving video service market, time is scarce and speed is of the essence. With mission-focused analytics you can quickly and drastically reduce the size and complexity of the data to levels that make it possible to grasp, visualise and draw conclusions even on the non-obvious. This shortens time to insight and enables action.

For a mission-focused analytics solution to support the extraction of information in the shape of actionable insights, it must encapsulate sufficient domain understanding in processing and visualisation. This must be done without drowning the user in data or destroying relevant information or relations by over averaging. If properly executed, such a solution can provide deep insights in e.g. continuous service quality improvement processes and trend analyses, far quicker and more straightforwardly than if fully generic analytics approaches were applied.

Imagine, for instance, being able to easily detect and eliminate systematic issues arising from certain combinations of viewing device, software version, service type, infrastructure topology and overall system utilisation. Issues that might have been foiling operations and customer-care teams over a long period of time; and, without powerful analytics would have been time-consuming to identify. In another example, product management and marketing teams could optimise channel packages based on objective insights in channel usage for specific groups of customers.

After a decade in this industry, we know that early and proactive elimination of problems combined with service optimisation are the best ways to make customers advocates of your service; and to reduce costs. With mission-focused analytics approaches this can be made even easier.

We specialise in empowering TV operators’ business processes by creating the actionable insights needed to reach higher operational efficiency, the right level of service quality and better customer understanding. At IBC2014, we’re extending our solution with applications for mission-focused analytics including exploratory analysis of service quality and device behaviour, as well as of media consumption behaviour. Visit our booth to learn how our expertise can add value to your service management strategies.