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Ace has HEVC encoding in hand

A portable HEVC hardware encoder, the MGW Ace, has been developed by Vitec to take the benefits of HEVC encoding out of server rooms and into the field.

The system includes Vitec’s realtime H.265 hardware based compression chip, a range of inputs, and KLV/STANAG metadata processing for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance applications.

It also includes a secondary MPEG-4 H.264 chip to support legacy decoders.

Recommended uses include live news broadcasting from the field, point-to-point contribution of HD video and live streaming from sports venues.

Vitec suggested that by using the encoder’s HEVC/H.265 streams, broadcasters, corporate IT, military forces, and government agencies could reduce operating expenses related to video projects with high-bandwidth utilisation, while managing increasing demand for more video services across LANs and WANs.

Eli Garten, VP of product management, Vitec, said, “Small, power-efficient, and simple to use, the platform finally enables HEVC in any field or deployed on airborne platforms while dramatically reducing the bandwidth needed for producing high quality video and metadata services.”