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Accessories on a Plate

A 6.6×6.6-inch matte box and newly designed Universal Shoulder Base Plates have been introduced by Vocas. The very lightweight 6.6×6.6-inch matte box can be used for wide-angle lenses (starting at 12mm), and contains Vocas’ patented eyebrows, which should make it more comfortable to use.

Vocas has also improved its Universal Shoulder Base Plates with a quick release dovetail plate that can be exchanged in seconds between the different base plates (15mm and 19mm), gimbals, tripods or studio carts.

Other improvements on the next generation USBP plates are: greater range of height adjustability; improved stability when using a VCT-14; increased rigidity; the shoulder pad is removable and adjustable without tools; integrated rear clamping block; and refreshed design.

Vocas’ popular wooden start/stop handgrip has also been updated to work with the Lanc protocol and gains a magnify button.