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A good news story

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) acquisition of Elemental Technologies is, according to Elemental CEO Sam Blackman, positive news all round. “The good news for our customers – who have responded incredibly positively to the announcement – is that nothing changes except that we will be able to invest even more in our development of market-leading products,” he said, noting that Elemental will continue to operate as a standalone entity.

“The acquisition brings together Elemental’s solutions with the AWS Cloud platform to provide media and entertainment companies with a range of integrated solutions to scale video infrastructures as the media industry increasingly moves to internet-based delivery.” He noted that Elemental and AWS have been working together for the past four years.

Elemental has more than 700 media franchise customers and powers some of the world’s most popular OTT applications, like the BBC’s iPlayer, CNNGo, ESPN ScoreCenter, HBO GO, MSNBC Shift, and Sky Go and Sky Now.Additionally, Elemental is supporting the world’s first 4K Ultra HD services including those that were delivered by the BBC during the 2014 World Cup.