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4K module for DKM from Black Box

One way in which Black Box is responding to the trend towards 4K is with the new 4K60 module for the established DKM system that is in widespread use in studios.

Thanks to the modular design, only the relevant new card needs to be added, allowing users to benefit from the latest technology without having to replace whole systems.

The DKM system enables flexible and immediate matrix switching and not only permits problem-free console extension for numerous video formats, but also allows flexible cross point switching – regardless of whether one single user is to switch 287 CPUs or 50 employees are to have access to up to 238 CPUs.

Black Box says that this means that the workstation/control room and CPU/server can be at a distance of up to 140 metres from one another, over Catx, or up to ten kilometres apart if fibre is used.

Moreover, redundant network parts that can be replaced during operation ensure high availability, making the system particularly suitable for critical usage scenarios such as live broadcasting.