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TV sponsorships’ impact “long lasting” – Thinkbox

Viewers of a sponsored TV show are “significantly more likely” to believe the sponsoring brand is popular than non-viewers, according to the latest Thinkbox research.

The research found that 78 per cent of viewers of a sponsored show believe any given brand to be popular, compared to 68 per cent of non-viewers.

The study was carried out by YouGov and research firm House 51, and also claimed that for less well-known brands, their brand awareness was 17.2 per cent points higher than for non-viewers.

When the sponsorship creative was a “good fit” with the TV show, key brand health metrics for viewers of the sponsored show were five per cent points higher than for non-viewers, according to the research.

“People judge you by the company you keep, and this is at the heart of TV sponsorship’s power,” said Matt Hill, Thinkbox research and planning director.

“We’ve found very strong evidence that TV sponsorships’ impact is long lasting and that, if advertisers want to see them work at their hardest, they should ensure they’re integrated with the rest of their advertising and making use of the additional promotional tools the broadcasters provide.”