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Television most popular medium for live viewing

Almost three-quarters watch live programmes on a television

Television remains the most popular medium for live viewing, a Nevion study has found.

The researched showed that 70 per cent of respondents largely watch live programmes on TV, with only 20 per cent viewing content on their laptop.

Meanwhile, 57 per cent said the risk of spoilers via social media and word of mouth makes them more likely to watch a show live.

Nevion also revealed that 71 per cent watch TV in the evening, 8 per cent in the morning and 3 per cent on their commute.

Nevion marketing VP Olivier Suard said: “With so many still using their televisions to view this content and with avoiding spoilers being a major concern, it is clear that TV viewing is still often seen as an event. People want to sit down and watch it on a big screen and dedicate real time to it, rather than watching on their phone while they’re on the go.

“All this emphasises the importance of producing ever more compelling live content, but more cost-effectively. It proves higher-definition production isn’t being wasted on small screens as most people watch content on a TV, where it is best displayed – regardless of whether the connection is cable, digital TV or OTT.”