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Channel 5 delivers strongest ratings for upmarket viewers

Michael Palin in North Korea was the channel's highest rated programme since 2016

Channel 5 has called 2018 a “record-breaking year for upmarket viewers,” scoring a 5.6 per cent share of the ABC1 demographic.

2018 also saw the channel deliver its strongest Christmas ratings among the ABC1 viewership, as new drama Agatha & The Truth of Murder pulled in 2.3 million viewers.

Additionally, upmarket viewers were successfully targeted by the programmes Michael Palin in North Korea, Inside the Tower of London and Secrets of the National Trust.

Michael Palin in North Korea was Channel 5’s highest rated programme since 2016, winning its 9pm time slot.

James Currell, president for Viacom’s UK operations, said: “Continued investment in quality programming on Channel 5 is attracting more upmarket viewers to the channel, who are reappraising what they can expect from Channel 5. 

“In 2019 we will no longer be broadcasting Big Brother, which will free up a significant percentage of our budget to plough into an even greater breadth of original programming to continue the creative evolution of Channel 5 under Viacom’s ownership.”