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5G “will improve fan engagement” for sport organisations

Through live-streaming video and mixed reality experiences

A report from Vodafone has found that 5G, more than any other technology, will improve fan engagement for sport organisations.

The research suggested that 76 per cent of sport business leaders will use 5G as a platform for innovation, with 74 per cent believing it will underpin efforts to meet rising fan expectations.

Meanwhile, 76 per cent believed 5G will have a bigger impact on fan experiences than 4G, through applications such as live-streaming video, mixed reality experiences and real-time access to information.

Anne Sheehan, Vodafone Business UK director, said: “Sport is an area where 5G technology will have a huge impact. It has the potential to transform the fan experience; change the way sports organisations operate, open up new revenue opportunities; and help athletes improve their fitness and training programmes.”