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ZOO Digital employs facial recognition to make content secure

Feature works similarly to rotoscoping, obscuring everything on screen except actors' faces

ZOO Digital is employing machine learning and facial recognition in its new security feature.

The feature, which ZOO Digital says is an industry first, will automatically obscure video streams in all areas except those needed for subtitling and dubbing, namely the faces or mouths of those appearing on screen.

ZOO says that “spoiling” the content in this way means that TV and film assets that are being localised would see a significant reduction in value and will therefore be less of a security risk.

Gordon Doran, ZOO Digital’s president said: “Although rotoscoping to spoil proxies has been around for a while, the manual technique is expensive and time consuming. By automating the process, the security feature could be used on all kinds of first-run content rather than just major Hollywood releases.

“This new feature adds to encryption, two-factor authentication, individual watermarking and more.”

ZOO Digital will demonstrate the new technology at NAB.