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Warner Bros to use AI in greenlighting process

Cinelytic's platform predicts how much money a film is expected to make

Warner Bros has signed a deal with Cinelytic to use its AI-driven project management system to guide decision-making at the greenlighting stage.

The data and analytics system can reportedly assess the value of an actor in any territory and predict how much money a film is expected to make.

The platform is said to reduce the amount of time executives spend on low-value, repetitive tasks and give them improved parameters for packaging, marketing and distribution decisions, including release dates.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Cinelytic AI’s insight might have altered decision-making on some of Warners’ 2019 misfires, including Shaft and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. STX also became a Cinelytic client in September following a string of flops, such as Playmobil and UglyDolls.

“Artificial intelligence sounds scary. But right now, an AI cannot make any creative decisions,” said Cinelytic founder Tobias Queisser. “What it is good at is crunching numbers and breaking down huge data sets and showing patterns that would not be visible to humans. But for creative decision-making, you still need experience and gut instinct.”