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Vibesta responds to Rotolight legal action

Claims Rotolight has "no solid grounds" to legal case

Vibesta has released a public response to the announcement that Rotolight has launched legal proceedings against the company.

Last week, Rotolight said it had served a writ of summons and is seeking an interim injunction for design infringement and “slavish imitation” of its product.

In its response, Vibesta said it “highly respect others‘ intellectual property rights and equally protect our own intellectual property. Vibesta protects all of its products by registered design rights and also has design patents for the Peragos Disk in various regions, one of them being a RCD in the EU.”

The statement continued, “Rotolight has no solid grounds to accuse Vibesta’s infringements and Rotolight’s claims could damage Vibestas reputation and harm our sales network in order to prevent competition. Vibesta looks forward to the court proceedings in the District Court in The Hague, the Netherlands, on October 18th to protect our rights and is confident about a positive outcome.”