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UK, US sign post-Brexit mutual recognition agreements

Both countries will continue to recognise the other's telecom equipment testing, quality assurance, and certifications after Brexit

The UK has signed a deal with the United States to still recognise US telecom equipment testing, quality assurance, and certifications after Brexit.

The US will do the same with UK products.

Deputy US trade representative CJ Mahoney and ambassador Kim Darroch for the United Kingdom signed two mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) that cover telecom network equipment and communications (radio frequency) tech products, covering “telecom equipment, electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) for information and communications technology products.”

Translated that means a host of products including broadcast, cable, satellite and phone.

They effectively mirror such reciprocal agreements with the EU and cover, among other things, all radio transmitters subject to an equipment authorisation in either country.

The USTR said the agreements will “ensure that US-UK trade in these product sectors is not disrupted when the UK leaves the European Union.”

“We greatly appreciate the dedicated work of US trade negotiators that led to the signing of this agreement,” said TIA senior VP of government affairs, Cinnamon Rogers. “Given the long-standing telecom equipment MRA between the US and European Union, we are pleased this deal ensures that when the UK exits the EU, the British government will continue to recognise US testing and certification of telecom equipment as valid.”