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TVBEurope August 2021 issue released

This month we take a look at streaming, advertising technology, and discover the Secrets of the London Underground

The August 2021 edition of TVBEurope is now available, focusing on both streaming and advertising technology.

Jenny Priestley and Google’s Justin Gupta offer an explainer on advertising technology – just what do all the terms mean?

Twitch’s Krishnan Patel discusses how the platform has found its audience, and what traditional media outlets could learn from its popularity.

We go deeper underground with the executive producer of UKTV’s Secrets of the London Underground.

Roku’s Mark Hollett discusses the benefits of connected TV for operators.

BBC Research and Development’s Jigna Chandaria offers insights into her work looking at how much energy is used to deliver and watch BBC TV programmes.

Lockdown didn’t kill the music star (in case you were worrying), Vevo’s Claudia de Wolff tells Dan Meier.

Kevin Hilton takes a look at the technologies behind video streaming and the companies sparking a revolution in video delivery.

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