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Tony Hall: two-thirds of BBC staff will be based outside London by 2027

Director general defends corporation from government threats

BBC director general Tony Hall has announced plans to have two-thirds of employees based outside London by 2027, following accusations of metropolitan bias.

“A decade ago, a third of the BBC was based outside London,” Hall wrote in the Financial Times. “Today it is half. By 2027, I hope at least two-thirds of the BBC will be outside the capital.”

The announcement comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would consider decriminalising non-payment of the licence fee, while No 10 sources have accused the corporation of catering to a “pro-Remain metropolitan bubble.”

Hall responded that the BBC had a responsibility to “serve everyone” and “reflect every part of the UK,” arguing that the corporation “can do more for Britain than ever.”

He added that despite competition from streaming rivals, the broadcaster was committed to investing in British content. “Every £1 we spend generates £2 for the UK economy,” he said. “We operate as an engine powering the whole creative sector.”