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Sky Q unveils new voice search

Advanced functionality will allow viewers to quote lines from their favourite films

Sky have announced a series of new features for its Sky Q offering, including a voice search.

Customers will be able to press a voice button on their remote and tell the system what they want to watch.

Viewers will even be able to quote lines from their favourite films and the system will find the film for them.

Other new features include a new homepage called My Q featuring recommendations based on household viewing and top new series from all channels across Sky Q. The Continue Watching section allows viewers to pick up where they left off from an episode in a series such as Game of Thrones.

Sky have also introduced a feature which allows customers to watch Facebook videos with the current My Photos application.

Luke Bradley-Jones, Sky’s brand director of TV and content products, commented: “‘May the force be with you’ with your new voice search. Just ask Sky Q to ‘show me the money’ by pressing the side of the touch remote, making it even easier and faster to find, discover and watch the TV you love.”

The voice search solution has been delivered to Sky by TiVo, based on the company’s knowledge graph engine, a dynamic knowledge base of entertainment metadata, capable of understanding trends and conversations.

Sky say the new features will be with all viewers by the end of spring.