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SIS Live unveils new tripod antenna

Outside broadcast and satellite uplink specialist, SIS Live has introduced Tr-uPod, a multi-band, fully automated tripod antenna system, designed for difficult environments.

SIS Live has introduced Tr-uPod, a multi-band, fully automated tripod antenna system, designed for difficult environments, writes David Fox.

Tr-uPod is claimed to be “an exceptionally flexible, compact satellite uplink system featuring an advanced composite antenna design”. It requires no tools to assemble and offers fully automated or simple manual operation. The multi-band antenna is available in 0.75, 1.0, 1.2 and 1.5m versions.

“Tr-uPod is a robust, highly portable tripod antenna aimed at a variety of field applications. SIS Live has made significant investment in carbon tooling and worked to exceptionally stringent tolerances to achieve industry-leading results. The Tr-uPod system was developed using cutting-edge, award-winning technology and is another great addition to our innovative product range,” stated David Meynell, Managing Director of the outside broadcast and satellite uplink specialist.

The tripod system can be set up in minutes. In automated mode, using SIS Live’s in-house differential antenna control system, it should find any satellite “in an instant”. The system has been built to withstand tough conditions, with an operational temperature specification of between -20 to +60ºC, weatherproofing to IP65, and MIL STD 810F compliant. All antennas, whichever size, pack into two IATA carry cases that can be flown as standard airline baggage and easily carried over rough terrain. It weighs from 50kg, depending on the options.

Tr-uPod can also be used with SIS Live’s award-winning control software and interface. The automated operation offers “absolute simplicity with maximum operability” so that unskilled operators can transmit to multiple satellites. SIS Live is claimed to offer “the best surface accuracy of their segmented parabolic antennas” when compared with any other manufacturer, and all antenna sizes are capable of X, Ku, Ka, and DBS band, while the 1.5m is also available in C band.

It has SDI/Composite (BNC) video inputs, four balanced line audio inputs and two XLR microphone inputs. The modulator offers DVB-S/DVB-S2, QPSK, 8-PSK and 16 QAM, and it will encode MPEG–2 or MPEG–4, 4:2:0 or 4:2:2, HD or SD. Power consumption is less than 10 Amps and fully redundant.