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New figures reveal viewers don’t want a privatised Channel 4

Over 96 per cent of respondents to the UK government's consultation on the future of the broadcaster said they do not want it to be privatised

Over 96 per cent of the 55,737 organisations and individuals who responded to the UK government’s consultation on the future of Channel 4 said they did not support the privatisation of the broadcaster.

A further 91 per cent said they did not think it would be more sustainable under a private owner.

The consultation outlined the government for public sector broadcasting, with a key part of the consultation focusing on establishing a UK wide decision about the future of Channel 4.

According to a government report published alongside its white paper, many of the respondents said that privatisation would have “an overall negative impact” on audiences as it “could reduce the range and diversity of Channel 4’s programme output”.

Other responders argued that Channel 4 is currently in a stable financial position and set out concerns that a change of ownership may negatively impact Channel 4’s delivery on its remit and its content.

Despite the opposition, the UK government has published a white paper on the future of broadcasting in the UK which sets out its plans to privatise Channel 4.

The full report on the consultation is available here.