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Martin Soukup joins Ross Video

Soukup joins Ross Video as vice president of product development

Ross Video has appointed Martin Soukup in a newly-created role of vice president of product development. The company said that Soukup will work within the office of the CTO and “will help develop and coordinate the company’s strategy in relation to product development methodologies, technology and co-ordination”

Martin Soukup

“I’m extremely pleased to be joining Ross at this pivotal time in the company’s growth,” Soukup said. “Ross has successfully walked a very pragmatic path over the last few years, balancing the emergence of IP with developments in 12G SDI and remote production. As a result, Ross offers an impressively diverse portfolio of solutions. We have amazing innovation across each of our product lines, but of course a company of our size needs to prioritize and make smart decisions about where to focus our resources. I’m looking forward to working with Troy (English, Ross CTO) and the vice president of Products team to ensure we continue scaling in a sustainable manner.”

Soukup has more than 25 years of product development experience having held senior R&D, applications development and solutions architect roles with a variety of technology companies. “We’ve enjoyed 29 unbroken years of growth and that’s been very rewarding, but past performance is never a guarantee of future success and we are certainly not complacent,” explained Ross CTO Troy English.

“We need to ensure that we have the right mix of solutions for our customers around the world who are themselves at different stages in their evolution, and that requires a higher degree of consistency of approach and strategy as we build on our excellent performance. I’m sure Martin’s experience will be highly valuable here, as we improve our roadmap planning, development methodologies and ‘Go to Market’ strategies.”