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Martin Burkhalter appointed permanent CEO of Vizrt

The Board of Directors of Vizrt has appointed Mr. Martin Burkhalter as permanent CEO of the company. Martin Burkhalter has been acting CEO since the sudden demise of Mr. Bjarne Berg on May 8, 2010.

Mr. Svein Ove Strømmen, Chairman of the Board, stated: “I am very pleased to announce that Martin Burkhalter has been appointed as Vizrt’s CEO. Martin has an impressive track record of producing results throughout his professional career. He has intimate knowledge of the people, the culture, operations and the market in which Vizrt operates.”

“Over the last few years, Vizrt has grown to such an extent that our leadership has had to change along with it. Martin has brought to the Company a rich background in both commercial management and complex project management and has a proven track record in leading large organizations. The experience he gained in the Olympics held in Lillehammer, Norway, adds another dimension that the Company has benefited from over the last few years. In conclusion, he is the right person to lead the Company going forward and to bring Vizrt to the next level.”

Burkhalter joined Vizrt a little more than four years ago as Chief Commercial Officer, following which he was appointed Chief Operating Officer. Before joining Vizrt, he held positions as CEO at Intersport International and President for Reebok EMEA.