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Italian government ‘preparing to curb Vivendi’s position in media’

Government has reportedly drafted legislation that would require communications watchdog to investigate companies operating in the media sector.

The Italian government is reportedly preparing measures that could temporarily curb Vivendi from strengthening its position in the country’s media and telecoms sectors.

According to Reuters, the Italian government has government drafted legislation that would require the country’s communications watchdog to investigate for up to six months companies that operate Рboth directly or through other entities Рin the media and telecoms sector.

Vivendi currently owns a 29 per cent stake in the country’s largest broadcaster Mediaset, as well as 24 per cent of telco, Telekom Italia.

The communications watchdog would be given the ability to check whether the companies are in a position to harm media plurality by looking at total revenue, entry barriers and the level of competition in those markets, according to a document seen by Reuters.

The watchdog would have the power to end positions deemed illegal.

The Italian government is aiming to pass the measure before the next court hearing in the long-running dispute between Vivendi and Mediaset which is due to take place on 16th December.