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Haivision acquires LightFlow

Adds AI technologies to Haivision’s portfolio

Haivision has announced the acquisition of LightFlow Media Technologies S. L., the advanced media optimisation business of Epic Labs.

The acquisition adds AI and machine learning technologies to Haivision’s portfolio to form the basis for advances in content-aware video encoding, content indexing and object detection, as well as optimisation of video contribution, distribution and delivery for low-latency live feeds or VoD.

LightFlow’s technology suite also provides Haivision with an advanced media Cloud orchestration architecture, a foundation expected to accelerate the company’s Cloud strategy of creating an ecosystem of modular video streaming and management technologies.

“LightFlow brings a vast expertise and technology to improve video workflows leveraging AI,” said Alfonso Peletier, founder and CEO of Epic Labs. “LightFlow finds in Haivision the scale and reach of the world leader in performance streaming. The joint team and technologies will accelerate our shared vision of delivering revolutionary Cloud workflows to the market and the community.”

“Innovation is at the heart of Haivision’s Cloud development efforts,” added Mahmoud Al-Daccak, Haivision CTO and EVP of product development. “Haivision is pioneering next-generation Cloud video services made possible through intelligent media routing, AI-optimised media and metadata processing, and blockchain-enabled decentralised federated content distribution, opening new opportunities for more content providers to deliver video to ever-expanding audiences.”