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European consortium aims to drive digital transformation in creative industries

The project, which counts Spanish broadcaster Mediapro among its members, aims to boost Europe's creative fabric and generate economically and environmentally sustainable companies

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (IET) has launched a new consortium of 50 companies to encourage digital transformation and educational projects in the cultural and creative industries.

The EIT has set out a long-term action plan, which will be launched in 2023, to boost Europe’s creative fabric and generate economically and environmentally sustainable companies.

Six co-location centres have been set up in Amsterdam, Helsinki, Bologna, Vienna, Kosice and Barcelona, with the official headquarters in Spain located at the Eurecat Technology Centre.

The IET has also defined a range of strategic objectives to cover all the themes of the project, including:

  • Education: To help students and education professionals prepare to face the challenges of the future by promoting talent and personal skills.
  • Innovation: Promote opportunities in innovation through creative laboratories.
  • Creation: Stimulate the creation of solid companies and promote market interconnections.
  • Society: Support initiatives aimed at encouraging European values, identity and culture and promoting social cohesion.
  • Systems: Consolidate a solid innovation ecosystem based on evidence and visions shared with public administrations.

Among the companies involved is Spanish broadcaster Mediapro. Speaking about the project, the company’s Alejandra Panighi said: “This is the first time the creative industry has had such an important opportunity. This project that will have a decisive impact on the European business and creative fabric in the coming years and whose mission is to promote innovation, economy, creativity and the environmental transformation of the continent”.