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EditShare announces new investor and CEO

"If you make video, you are very likely a customer of ours, or could be."

EditShare has announced majority investment by Chicago-based private equity firm ParkerGale, along with the appointment of Conrad Clemson as CEO.

Clemson previously ran engineering and operations at Broadbus Technologies, before founding BNI Video and then running Cisco’s service provider video business.

“Conrad has great experience growing companies that started out quite small that grew in the kind of way that we’re looking to grow, and he has managed teams with thousands of people,” EditShare founder Andy Liebman told TVBEurope.

Liebman will move from CEO to chief strategy officer, having been the source of the company’s technological developments. “It’s the part that I like the best, and having been CEO for a long time I’ve always been frustrated that there’s not enough time to work on what we’re trying to do in the future and where we should go, so now I get the opportunity to focus on that exclusively. It’s what I do best and what I love most,” he said.

Liebman noted that part of the strategy involves expanding the company’s geographical presence: “It seems bizarre that you could sell hundreds of systems in Montreal and none in Toronto. So we’re going to be addressing that just in terms of presence in the market. Also there are a lot of other opportunities in different aspects of who makes video: corporate, sports teams, broadcasters, production companies, houses of worship, schools. If you make video, you are very likely a customer of ours, or could be.”

Tara Montford also becomes executive vice president business development. “The whole marketplace of video has exploded, so it’s not only in the broadcast sector, but it’s the corporate sector, the government sectors, the educational sector, it’s just a very large marketplace now,” he said. “The great news is there are a lot of people out there that need to understand how they produce the content, how that content gets delivered.”

“This is a great time in the media space,” added Clemson. “We think we’re really poised to create not only the storage, but the asset management on top of that to help our customers more efficiently and effectively create the kinds of TV shows, media assets and corporate videos that they depend on for us as we really grow this to the next level.”