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DPP: Sustainability must be a priority in 2020

Part of DPP's annual predictions for the media industry report

The Digital Production Partnership has released its annual predictions for the media industry, among them a warning over sustainability.

The report canvases opinions of a group of experts as to the key themes that will shape the industry over the coming year.

Among the 2020 findings is a prediction that environmental sustainability will be a background for everything that companies do this year.

“It’s a measure of just how seriously many media companies are now taking the climate emergency, that despite the prediction that the year ahead will be turbulent, they still insist sustainability must be a priority,” said DPP managing director Mark Harrison. “It’s not a tick box exercise; it’s a genuine, heartfelt commitment.”

Other predictions within the report include:

  • The impact of globalisation will be felt at the local level – re-setting how businesses operate
  • Consumer choice will create complexity – challenging content providers’ attempts to own direct relationships, and establishing new behaviours around media
  • Transparency will become essential for business success
  • There will be a resurgence in ad-funded content

The report is only available to DPP members.