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DPP: 2019 will see a battle over standards

The DPP 2019 Predictions also suggests "numerous new and surprising collaborations"

The Digital Production Partnership’s annual prediction report says 2019 will mark the start of a battle over the creation of standards.

The DPP 2019 Predictions also suggests the industry will see “numerous new and surprising collaborations” as partnership becomes a key success factor for companies in the media industry.

The report, now in its third year, also predicts:

  • A focus on customer experience will inform everything companies do
  • A key element to this focus will be the growth in direct to consumer relationships
  • Anxiety around the cloud will finally end, and it will just become a tool

The report, which is only available to DPP members, aims to build a picture over time of the major themes that have dominated and shaped the media industry.