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Brussels launches major campaign to attract UK-based TV companies

Initiative is aimed at UK-based broadcasters who currently air channels across Europe and need a continued presence on the continent

The Brussels Capital Region has launched a major campaign to entice UK film, TV and creative companies to move to the Belgian capital following Brexit.

Backed by the Brussels’ regional government, regional trade associations and industry bodies, the initiative is aimed at UK-based broadcasters who currently air channels across Europe and need a presence on the continent to continue broadcasting under an EU licence to these territories.

Cécile Jodogne, secretary of state for foreign trade at the Region of Brussels, said: “As the date for the UK’s exit from the EU draws nearer, there is increasing uncertainty over the shape of the final relationship. Businesses operating in the creative industries, such as film and video, broadcast media and gaming, need to prepare now for any eventuality, and as a priority ensure that they can continue to operate seamlessly across the UK and EU. The only way to guarantee this is to establish a base of operations within the EU and, as the Brexit deadline bears down upon us, there are multiple reasons why businesses should act now to guarantee this presence in the EU.”

“With a well-educated local workforce and very attractive conditions for foreign nationals moving to our region, as well as competitive house prices, a good education system and a cosmopolitan city centre, Brussels represents a fantastic option for both work and family life. Just two hours from London on the Eurostar, and well-connected to Europe and the rest of the world, Brussels is a prime location for British and any other businesses looking to maintain and grow their presence on the European and global stage,” Jodogne added.