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App Annie acquires mobile analytics company Libring

Aims to bring together market data and advertising analytics

App Annie has announced the acquisition of fellow mobile analytics company Libring.

The company said it will use the acquisition to bring together market data and advertising analytics with the aim of making it easer for mobile publishers and brands to create mobile experiences.

App Annie is looking to go beyond information about downloads, revenue, retention, and usage and now provide “revolutionary insights” against “critical metrics” such as customer acquisition cost, lifetime value, and return on ad spend.

“The most successful companies find a way to capitalise on mobile, yet they have been struggling to maximise its value to their business,” said Ted Krantz, CEO of App Annie. “Today, this requires custom work to stitch together multiple point solutions, spreadsheets, business intelligence teams, agencies and consultants. We are committed to solve this by applying data science and machine learning to automate these composite metrics for brands and publishers.”

App Annie has also unveiled a new gem logomark, which it says is a tribute to gaming and “reflects the value that companies gain using accurate and actionable data”.