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Confidence in IP-based environments increases

More than half of respondents to Imagine Communications' report said confidence has increased

A new report says confidence in the suitability of IP-based environments to host demanding operations has risen over the past year.

Imagine Communications’ Focus Forward: 2017 Media & Entertainment Industry Report found that more than half of all respondents indicated an increased confidence.

Thirty-four per cent of respondents said they are planning to accelerate their transition to IP.

Other key findings included a growing familiarity with microservices and cloud-native applications and increased comfortability with next-generation technologies.

The report also found:

– More than a third of broadcast engineers say that their peers lack sufficient skills and knowledge of the IP realm

– Cloud-native capabilities are viewed as important for distributed deployments by 72 per cent of survey takers

– Less than 50 per cent of media professionals think VR/AR will have a significant impact on the media industry

– Media professionals may be overlooking the reach and revenue potential of social media

– A significant majority of respondents see cord cutting as an unstoppable force

“The hundreds of media professionals who participated in the survey provide an invaluable insider’s assessment of the future direction of the media industry, from both a technology and commercial viewpoint,” said Imagine Communications CEO Charlie Vogt.

“No other creative medium is more dependent on technology for its overall success than television and video production. This year’s survey explores the bonds of that relationship from the perspective of the men and women who are directly involved in creating, distributing and monetising video information and entertainment.”