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UPC Poland’s Horizon TV available to all

UPC Poland has made its Horizon TV platform available for commercial sale.

UPC Poland has made its Horizon TV platform available for commercial sale. The service allows UPC customers to access content and provides each with a Horizon decoder combining TV, internet and telephony services as well as features including simultaneous recording of up to four programmes, remote recording with the Horizon Go app and access to social media platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube.

Besides mobile and multiscreen viewing already available with the Horizon Go app, customers can now access linear and on-demand services. This is made possible by the Horizon decoder which marks out trends in using modern TV solutions and ensures best quality content.

“UPC Poland is launching one of the leading-edge TV services in the country. Horizon TV guarantees a unique access to linear content and social media on a TV screen, as well as a rich library of VoD services, including MyPrime Films and TV Series,” said Ramiro Lafargo, CEO of UPC Poland. “Also, our clients gained greater mobility in terms of access to the TV offering. Horizon TV deserves to be dubbed the sophisticated entertainment platform of the next generation.”

The ‘Multiscreening and mobility gain ground’ report prepared by Corporate Profiles Consulting (CPC) for UPC Poland found that Poles still value traditional TV sets, but in a new version: 42 per cent of respondents would like to watch programmes on an internet-enabled TV screen. Beside a TV set, Polish people make more and more use of laptops (62 per cent), and as much as 53 per cent of young people express a willingness to watch TV on a smartphone and 49 per cent on a tablet.

The report also concluded that chances for obtaining more personalised TV offering are growing, as audiences are more and more open towards the possibility of following broadcaster’s suggestions, believing that these lead to the discovery of interesting content without needing to search themselves. Nearly two thirds of those aged 15 to 18 recognises broadcaster’s recommendations as attractive (62 per cent respondents).

With the aim of responding to market demands, Horizon TV Personalisation suggests content based on programmes watched by a user, selecting and constantly updating the TV offering to match user preferences; this ensures an immediate access to favourite film genres, sports recommendations and TV series.