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TVU Networks partners with Stringr

Users of TVU Global Grid can access content from video marketplace Stringr

Users of TVU Networks’ TVU Global Grid will now be able to access content on video marketplace Stringr after the two companies announced a new partnership.

The TVU Global Grid is a Cloud platform that enables users to exchange, share and sell video content for the TVU Grid, an IP-based routing, switching and distribution system that can route live videos to Grid-enabled news stations. Users can now request custom footage and have access to Stringr’s livestreaming function.

When a video matching the request goes live the feed is sent through Stringr into the TVU Grid. The joint customer can then take the feed like they would for other TVU content.

“The combination of these two products allows our partners to get more live coverage, quickly, cost effectively and within the same workflow they’ve always used,” said Brian McNeill, COO and co-founder of Stringr.