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NEP UK announces Education Awards

Offers entry-level positions and mentorships

NEP UK has announced the launch of the NEP UK Education Awards, designed to highlight and reward nascent engineering talent in the UK.

The awards scheme offers entry-level positions at NEP UK and mentorships as part of the company’s educational outreach, including a mentoring scheme and the annual Student Open Day.

Open to UK-based students studying broadcast technology-related subjects, the entries can be submitted by individual students or teams from 1st December 2019 to 1st March 2020.

Individuals will compete for four awards based on NEP’s core values:

  • Passion: create a short NEP UK showreel video using content from NEP projects already in the public domain. This should be no longer than three minutes and show what NEP UK does as a company
  • Innovation: submit an innovation project that translates an idea or invention into a tangible product or service that creates value. The entry can show either a finished project or a work-in-progress
  • Integrity: give an example and evidence of a real-world engineering problem or issue that the entrant solved
  • One Team: students can enter as a team of up to three to work together on their entry, fulfilling any one of the above criteria and providing evidence of teamwork and collective problem solving

NEP UK&I president Steve Jenkins said: “We are extremely proud to offer these educational initiatives that encourage young people seeking to join our industry.

“By supporting their career development, we create opportunities for NEP and our partners to address the skills gap by attracting and retaining new talent, as well as building leadership skills in our own staff.”