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NAGRA launches new cloud-based, multi-tenant solution for pay-TV operators

NAGRA has announced the launch of OpenTV Signature Edition, the company’s new, turnkey, cloud-based and multi-tenant solution for pay-TV operators.

The solution is designed for operators to use the cloud and analytics to ‘dramatically’ improve deployment, operational and consumer experiences while maximising content value and service monetisation.

NAGRA says the 4K-ready set-top box gives the pay-TV operator a fully managed device supporting SVoD apps, such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime, with guaranteed quality of service and quality of experience.

It uses both voice interaction, keyboard and smartphone to allow consumers to search for programming. NAGRA says the EPG also brings a “new level” of additional features, such as personalised content channels, linearised SVoD and VoD channels.

“OpenTV Signature Edition hails a new era in the delivery, deployment and operation of pay-TV services and is designed to be at the forefront of customer satisfaction in both the services offered and the user experience it delivers,” said Holger Ippach, SVP Middleware & Multiscreen for NAGRA.

“It is the pay-TV solution for the new cloud economy, providing pay-TV operators with the foundation to deliver a feature-rich, next-generation service while allowing them to maximise their content investment through new monetisation capabilities.”