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How do you watch yours?

Cadbury's Creme Egg joins the streaming wars

Cadbury has launched “the world’s first” video-on-demand platform for chocolate lovers, with premium content available only for Creme Egg fans.

The platform, called Eatertainment, hosts short films inspired by the debate around how consumers should eat a Creme Egg. The films have been produced to “heighten” people’s Creme Egg eating experience.

The platform also offers an “all you can Eatertainment” option available to viewers who scan a Creme Egg wrapper.

Content from the platform will also be seeded across Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and IMDb.

“With the launch of Eatertainment, we’re turning the Creme Egg eating experience into entertainment. We’re going to offer people the perfectly paired feast for their eyes and ears when they tuck into a tasty Cadbury Creme Egg,” said Raphael Capitani, Cadbury Creme Egg brand manager.