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Czech Republic tops European countries for best mobile video experience

OpenSignal's State of Mobile Video report compared experience across Europe and worldwide

The Czech Republic has been named the top European country in terms of mobile video experience.

OpenSignal’s video experience scale looked at how quickly mobile video loaded and issues around buffering at higher resolutions. The Czech Republic not only topped the chart for Europe, but was the best country globally.

Germany, the UK and France were in the bottom half of OpenSignal’s European table for video experience, below arguably less-developed markets such as Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia.

The company says this reflects a wider phenomenon they have observed in larger European markets where analysis shows 4G speeds and availability are stagnating and even dropping in some instances. It says this is potentially a result of a number of factors, including high data demand from unlimited plans, limited access to fresh spectrum and ageing network infrastructure, and stymied investment following high levels of competition and falling ARPU.