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AWS to convert live data into rugby insights

Six Nations introduces new real-time stats for 2020 Championship

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Guinness Six Nations have introduced five new real-time rugby statistics to give fans deeper insight into on-field action.

The five new statistics will join the seven launched during the 2019 Championship, which included scrum analyses, play patterns, try origins and team trends.

The statistics are generated by gathering live data from the games, streaming them into AWS and delivering insights back to the live broadcast for viewers in over 170 countries.

In the 2020 Championship, fans will be able to view heat maps on where all the action is taking place on the pitch, metrics on rucking efficiency, stats on balls won, impactful tackles and crucial line breaks.

The new 2020 statistics powered by AWS for the Guinness Six Nations Championship are:

  • Kick predictor – employs advanced machine learning technology to show the probability of a kicker successfully scoring a penalty kick or try conversion
  • Visits to the 22 – highlights the number of occasions a team has entered the opposition’s 22-metre area and how many points they have scored with the entries
  • Ruck and turnover locations – uses data on ruck location and efficiency to show a heat map of the pitch, highlighting the action areas of each team
  • Dominant tackles – outlines the defensive strength and structure of the teams by mapping out locations and percentage of dominant tackles
  • Power game (metres made and line breaks) – determines the direct impact of a team dominating particular action areas, assessing its effectiveness at reaching and getting over the gain line, producing dominant tackles and creating line breaks

Six Nations Rugby CEO Ben Morel said: “The introduction of the advanced statistics – powered by AWS – in the 2019 Guinness Six Nations Championship was just the start of how we are planning to change the game of rugby through advanced in-game analytics.

“This year will see the introduction of even more engaging and informative stats that bring fans even closer to the action. With these innovations, together with AWS, we are seeking to significantly enhance the viewing experience for all rugby fans by providing them with unique data-led insights.”