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Animation Toolkit releases Aardman Animation Kit

Designed to assist stop-motion filmmakers with the puppet-making process

Aardman and Animation Toolkit have partnered to create an ‘Armature Kit’ aimed at supporting stop-motion animators.

Created by Animation Toolkit, the Aardman Animation Kit is designed to assist stop-motion filmmakers with the puppet-making process.

The kits are easily assembled through a screw and ball joint system and permanent fixture can be achieved through thread-locking with a specialist glue or silver brazing.

Westley Wood, Animation Toolkit MD, said: “It’s an honour to work with one of the finest stop-motion animation producers in the UK. The Wallace & Gromit films were inspirational to our development as a company and fuelled our desire to help others make stop-motion films.

“By its very nature, stop-motion puppet (armature) fabrication isn’t an easy task and doesn’t fall into the average person’s repertoire of DIY projects. We hope that these kits make the art more accessible to a vast range of storytellers, engineers and animation professionals and help continue to grow and sustain creativity within this art form, for many years to come.”

Merlin Crossingham, Wallace & Gromit creative director, added: “The Aardman armature kits are perfect for student or amateur filmmakers to bring their characters life. I look forward to seeing the creativity and animation that the kits will support.”