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Trint enables searches for spoken word in video

Trint Player allows users to post videos with interactive transcripts

Trint has unveiled the first-of-its-kind embeddable video and transcript player, an AI-enabled tool for searching spoken word in video.

The company explained that search engines can currently only find a video based on words in the title and a small amount of metadata. By automatically gluing a transcript to a video with the Trint Player, a search engine indexing a page will be able to record all the words from the transcript and show the spoken words in search results.

With the Trint Player, users can post a video with an interactive transcript with a few clicks and a simple embed code. As the video plays in the Trint Player, the words being spoken are highlighted in the transcript so viewers can follow along “like karaoke.” Users can also click on a word to see that part of a video.

The interactive transcript means online videos can be watched without sound, making video content more accessible to people with hearing, visual and motor impairments – in compliance with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.0 AA. The Trint Player can also be navigated by keyboard and screen reader.

Jeff Kofman, CEO and founder of Trint, said: “Making video content searchable and discoverable on Google and Bing has been the Holy Grail. The Trint Player is a totally new way to communicate. By making it possible for video to be found online, the Trint Player will help producers make the most of their content by growing their traffic, audience, engagement and profits.”