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3SS, Media Distillery and XroadMedia make linear-on-demand a reality

New platform collects and curates assets and assembles them in a tailored, linear experience

3 Screen Solutions (3SS), Media Distillery and XroadMedia have teamed up to create a platform allowing Android TV providers to make linear-on-demand (LoD) a reality.

LoD is a next-generation paradigm for video that enables personalised, unified digital entertainment by collecting and curating assets from a range of sources and assembling them in a tailored, linear experience.

By breaking down the barriers between previously disjointed content silos, LoD is said to deliver a unified viewing experience across content types and sources – live TV, library, on-demand, catch-up, apps and web.

Media Distillery uses a combination of machine learning methodologies to recognise every visual and audial aspect inside video, including face, speech, object, logo and text. This deep content understanding and indexing enables diverse, accurate user searches.

3SS’ 3READY Assistant also offers enhanced voice control, so viewers can create personal linear channels based on topics and genres. The platform then continues learning more about viewers’ interests through conversational interaction.

“In today’s highly competitive marketplace, service providers need to differentiate from their rivals,” said 3SS MD Kai-Christian Borchers. “Also, they need to increase stickiness of their service. Better personalisation and simplified, more successful content discovery are the answers to the need for increased viewer enjoyment and loyalty.”

“Through our three-way collaboration, we now have the capability to offer service providers a ‘boxed’ pre-integrated solution to personalise the user experience with fully articulated AI mechanisms in the back end and the front end which brings it all to life, with highest-possible optimisation,” added XroadMedia co-founder and CCO Tom Dvorak.