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NEP The Netherlands installs Densitron’s Intelligent Display System at Hilversum

IDS has been implemented across multiple studios and all seven galleries at NEP's Hilversum facility.

NEP The Netherlands has installed the Intelligent Display System from Densitron in its broadcast centre in Hilversum.

The company first began using IDS in 2015 and it has now been implemented it across multiple studios and all seven galleries at its Hilversum facility.

It is being used to to control lights, PTZ cameras and studio door information. IDS has also been integrated with several other core systems, including the Ross OverDrive automated production control system as well as Avid’s FastServe playout server.

NEP The Netherlands has also installed IDS in its outside broadcast unit, iOB, that was introduced in 2019. iOB serves as a remote production gallery that can utilise shared system resources in Hilversum and other NEP locations.

Reuben Such, global business development director at Densitron, describes NEP as a “very progressive and forward-looking company, and they invariably have valuable feedback to impart. It is great to see IDS playing such a major role in their day-to-day operations as their Centralised Production concept continues to evolve.”